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First batch of chicks will be available for sale on January 27th, price is $5 per chicks plus shipping if the chicks need to be mailed via post office.  Ideally 25 chicks is how many need to be shipped at once.  We are currently looking into using reptile heaters to ship smaller amounts of chicks.
We are currently have these breeding pens set up:
  Rhode Island Reds Single Comb
  Black Australorps
  Silver Spangled Hamburgs
  White Faced Black Spanish
  Cochins in Black and Partridge
  White Crested Black Polish

  Rhode Island Reds Single Comb
  Partridge Wyandottes
  White Leghorns Single Comb
  Buff Brahmas
  Dark Cornish (very few will be available)

I also handle chicks from other breeders to expand the variety we can get people. 

 American: Buckeyes, Dominques, Wyandottes in white, partridge, silver penciled, buff, and columbian, Javas in black and mottled, Rhode Island Reds in single comb and rosecomb, Black Giants

Asiatic:  Cochins in black, blue, white, partridge, Black Langshans

Mediterranean:  Leghorns in buff sc, black sc and rc, dark brown sc, silver sc, white sc and rc, light brown rc, white faced black spanish, Mottled Ancona rc
English: Australops
Continental:  Polish in silver, golden, buff both bearded and non-bearded, white bearded, Campines in silver and golden, Crevecoeur, La Fleche, Lakenvelder, Hamburgs in golden and silver penciled and golden spangled
All Other Standard: BB Red Cubalayas, white Frizzles, red Turkens, Sultans, black Ameraucanas, silver Phoenix

  Turkens in white and red, Rhode Island Reds in sc and rc, White Leghorns in sc and rc, silver penciled Rocks, Light and Dark Brown Leghorns in sc, Mottled Ancona in sc
  Polish in white, golden, buff, white crested blue, buckeye
  Cochins in blue, birchen, partridge, buff, white, black frizzle, white frizzle, Brahmas in buff and dark, Black Langshans

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